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MANTEL CLOCKS Prices from 45.00 - 7,695.00

We carry a comprehensive range of modern quartz and mechanical mantel clocks - timepieces, strikers and full Westminster chimes.

We also enjoy the ability to always have on offer several beautiful antique pieces.


Superb French 8-day striking gilt ormolu mantel clock, showing 5" enamel Roman dial.

The mechanism of finest French manufacture.

Rack striking on single bell.

Circa 1890

Price £2,650.00




Gilt cased Atmos mantel clock that has been fully restored - of quality Swiss manufacture.

The mechanism works by slight temperature variances and will run for many years without attention (no batteries or winding necessary).

Circa 1980

Price £995.00




Finest quality 8-day striking onyx and glit French mantel clock with Brocot escapement and mercury pendulum.

The mechanism shows floral enamel dial.

This clock is rack striking on single bell.

Circa 1880

Price £2,750.00






One superb Italian Marble Portico clock showing Rocco enamelled dial with gilded capitals and grid iron pendulum.

The mechanism of finest French manufacture, 8 day striking with locking plate mechanism, on single bell.

Circa 1870

Price £2,695.00









An important 8 day striking gilded and blue porcelain mantel clock in Louis IV style.

Showing original fire gilding in superb condition. The mechanism of 8 day duration with silk suspension and locking plate strike on single bell.

Circa 1810

Price 7,695.00








French striking mantel clock with locking plate mechanism, rack striking on single bell.

In fine, original, fully restored condition.

Circa 1880

Price £ 850.00







Superb 8-day striking German mantel clock in walnut case with gilt finials, showing silvered engraved Roman dial, over a square plated mechanism of excellent quality.

Rack striking on single gong.

Circa 1920

Price £ 1,150.00






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