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LONGCASE CLOCKS - prices from £795.00 to £12,965.00.

One 8-day Striking Longcase Clock, with broken arch painted Roman dial signed "Thos. Masters"- Southampton",

complete with subsidiary seconds and calendar aperture.

Finely proportioned oak case with horned top.

Stands approximately 6'11" tall.

Circa 1795

Price £3,395.00.


A selection of modern chiming Longcase Clocks are always available - prices range from £795.00 to £5,750.00



One superb 8-day 8-bell Triple Chime Longcase Clock, with astrological dial and auto night silence. Weight driven. A well-proportioned example, with bevel glazed door. Piano finished in cherry with yew trim. Stands approximately 6'4".

Price £4,695.00 (centre clock below).

One superb 8-day striking oak cased Provincial Longcase Clock showing broken arch painted Roman dial signed "Warren - Canterbury" with subsidiary seconds and calendar indicator. The mechanism of finest English quality, of 8-day duration, rack striking on single bell with re-coil seconds escapement - weight driven. Stands appoximately 84" tall. circa 1830

Price £3,675.00 (second in from the right below)

One superb 8-day striking English Longcase Clock, in mahogany and oak banded case, showing painted Roman broken arch dial, with four seasons and lady in lake within the arch, subsidiary seconds and calendar indicator. The mechanism of finest English quality, of 8-day duration, rack striking on single bell with re-coil seconds escapement - weight driven. Stands appoximately 80" tall. circa 1820

Price £4,650.00 (above second on left)



One 8-day chiming Longcase Clock, with moon phase. Weight driven A well proportioned floral decorated ebonised case, with gilt embellishments. Stands approximately 6'7"

Price £1,695.00 (centre).



One mahogany cased chiming Longcased Clock showing broken arch dial with strike silent and auto night silence complete with gilded weights and pendulum

Price £1,195.00 (left).



One superb 8-day yew cased Chiming Grandmother Clock, with auto night silence.

Gilded weights and pendulum under a glazed door. Stands approximately 6' 0" tall.

Price £1,895.00 (available in yew or mahogany) centre picture.



One oak cased continental style chiming longcase clock, with broken arch dial and auto night silence.

Price £1,395.00 (right)






One fine 8 day striking English Longcase Clock, showing broken arch engraved dial signed Jon Holt Litchfield, with subsidiary seconds indicator and calendar dial under a pilastered hood with brass capitals and glazed side aperture.

The casing of good Provincial proportion, in dark oak - Stands approx 7ft 6ins tall.

Circa 1780

Price £6,995.00













One superb George III chiming mahogany Longcase Clock showing broken arched dial with strike/silent Westimister/Whittington selector - Framed by pierced gilt spandrels. The hood with swan neck pediment and blind fret work flanked by fluted columns with gilt metal Corinthian captials and quarter columns to bout and panelled plynth. The mechanism, weight driven with recoil escapement of finest English quality.

Stands approx 8ft 2in tall. Circa 1765.

Price £12,965.00





One modern 8 day chiming Kieninger Longcase Clock.

Showing Arabic enamel dial under a mahogany glazed casing with walnut cappings.

Stands approx 78 ins tall

Price £1,695.00






Please contact FROST BROS on 01903 201807 for information on current stock.

FROST BROS specialise in the restoration of antique and modern Longcase Clocks.

Collection and delivery service available.

Restorations and repairs carried out in our well-equipped, modern workshops.

A wealth of experience at our finger tips.

Remember, at FROST BROS we always have time for you………


Man has always been obsessed with time!

It has always seems very necessary to know just where the hands point on the clock dial - even if we don't really need to know. But the fact that we have all become slaves to the clock has produced some uncommonly fine pieces over the years.

Clocks such as the Longcase (better known as Grandfathers), English Dials, Bracket Clocks and Carriage Clocks were, at one time part of the everyday household furnishings. Today, these pieces are becoming a rarity and extremely valuable.

Every one of these clocks has an interesting history, but perhaps the most relative of all revolves around the Carriage Clock, which was the first portable time keeper and the forerunner to the Pocket Watch and subsequently the Wristwatch.

England appears to have been behind Germany and France in producing watches.

No English watch is known to have been made before 1585. Queen Elizabeth I was known to have possessed a number of watches - one being small enough to form part of a bracelet.

Much of our knowledge of early English makers was gathered from records kept by the Royal Court and the Blacksmith's Company, who held account books of the Clockmakers of London before the Clockmaker's Company was formed in 1632.

At the end of the 16th century, the English watch appeared to have been copied from both French and German examples and it was probably not until the late 1620's that English characteristics emerged. Typically, these watches were of smooth oval style, with a small circular glass, generally silver and devoid of engraving or decoration.

In the first quarter of the 17th century, England made up for lost time in watch making and began to establish its reputation as being the foremost watch making country in the world, although with regard to decoration, the French always had the advantage of their school of enamel painters.

It has long been a tradition in the Frost Family to specialise in the restoration of antique watches - a tradition which they are, indeed, proud to continue.






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