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Carriage Clocks have a charm and fascination all of their own.......


Since the horological achievements of the early 19th century, it has always been fashionable to own a Carriage Clock. They were considered an important part of the normal travelling luggage of the upper classes. Their revolutionary lever escapement, together with their sturdy leather travelling case, ensured their safety on the bumpy carriage journey's and erratic train rides.


Abraham Louis Breguet (1747-1823) one of France's foremost clockmakers, made his first 'pendule de voyage' around 1810. This had a highly complex mechanism showing not only calendar details, but temperature levels too.


Top quality Carriage Clocks with their complicated movements, together with striking and repeating facilities, continued to be made over the next hundred years, as special orders for the very wealthy and for the great exhibitions in Paris and London.


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Parallel with the production of these aristocratic clocks, an industry of semi-mass produced Carriage Clocks was promoted by Paul Garnier - another Parisian clockmaker. From the mid 1830's a system was born, making hundreds of Carriage Clocks to be exported all over the world. As was to be expected, the early mass-produced clocks were mostly simple, well constructed and practical, with white enamel dial, black Roman numerals and plain hands - this was considered of great help when telling the time across a large candlelit room!


Three or four decades ago, good examples were easy to find and relatively inexpensive. These are the antiques of the past.

To-day, their popularity has been revived because they are works of art. Indeed, we can all recognise a labour of love when we see it................



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