Frost Brothers - Three Generations of Time.


Frost Bros have continued the family tradition and expertise, having been apprenticed to their father in London, before continuing the business at MONTAGUE STREET, WORTHING, WEST SUSSEX.

The family business originated in Hatton Garden, London, manufacturing, repairing and servicing clocks and watches for the principle London Jewellers - Royalty were also amongst their clientele.

Little is know about Grandfathers business as he died in the 1940's.

However, father's business flourished in Hatton Garden until the Second World War, when Thomas Simmonds Frost was assigned by the Royal Air Force to repair specialist instrumentation that was damaged during sorties with the enemy - this kept him fully occupied for most of the war years. Post war, the business re-established itself in Hampstead, North London, where both Anthony (opposite) and Brian served their apprenticeships under the watchful eye of their father.

On completing their time with their father, the brothers rented an office and workshop in Hatton Garden and again undertook work for the London jewellers - the business had gone full circle!

As the years progressed, Anthony and Brian (opposite) expanded their business to Worthing and have become well known for their buying, selling and restoration of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian clocks and watches - their reputation has continued to grow and a sizeable proportion of their business now also revolves around specialist jewellery and diamonds.


Their expertise is fully recognised in the Horological field - Worthing & Brighton Borough Councils are but two clients who require heavy Tower Clock repairs.

Frost Bros have just completed the restoration of the miniature copy of the Westminster Clock "Big Ben" which is situated in Blaker's Park, Brighton. Although referred to as a miniature, the clock tower stands approximately 80ft tall.

ANTHONY FROST is currently restoring the Jubilee Clock in the centre of Brighton, which commemorated Her Majesty Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887.


As Thomas Simmonds Frost once said "Expensive time goes at the same rate as cheap time, but whilst time is ticking by, it is perhaps better to see it do so with grace and elegance".




FROST BROS - Traditional values with personal service...............









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